Color Sense

Color Sense

Color Sense is a new take on the classic Color Match, designed specifically for close-up.

Color Sense is a marvelously interactive yet deceptively simple close-up effect every performer should have in their repertoire.  It can be pulled out of your shirt pocket and put to work immediately!

The performer draws a picture of his prediction and colors it in prior to placing it into a sealed envelope.  The prediction is of a man with a red hat, green t-shirt, blue pants and purple shoes.  The performer hands the envelope to a member of the audience member for safe keeping … the volunteer can sit on it, hide it under his shirt or even stand on it! 

The performer then presents the volunteer with an uncolored duplicate of the prediction – placing it on a table, artists easel, pin board or magnetic white board.  The performer hands the Unifi Color Sense crayon box to the audience member and asks them to select any crayon AND turns his back to the audience member or is blindfolded or both. The audience member selects a color eg: green. As the Performer knows that he has already colored the t shirt in green, he simply asks the audience member to color in the t shirt in with the green crayon and when finished to put the crayon on the floor.  This is repeated until the spectator has through “free choice” and unseen by the performer used all crayons. 

The finale comes with the completed colored drawing by the audience member and the opening of the audience member guarded envelope which holds the prediction … revealing that the color choices match exactly and proving that magic truly exists! As a grand finale the performer can further “strip off” to reveal he/she is dressed in the matching clothing and exact same colors of the drawing prediction and audience member drawing. Unifi Color Sense, so easy to use and so effective a tool.

Download Product Specifications

Smartphone Integration


  • Custom-made crayon box.
  • Plain English Descriptions of the color and the area to color in by the spectator, delivered via a Bluetooth earpiece.
  • Fits in your pocket and ready to go at a moment’s notice
  • No assistants.
  • Apple iPhone / Apple Watch support.
  • Bluetooth audio announcements.
  • Customizable audio announcements.
  • Multilingual Support.
  • Low battery notification.

What’s Included

  • Crayon Box, with Micro USB Charger.
  • USB Charging Cable.
  • 6 Crayons.
  • Instructional video link
  • 12 Month license and free upgrades for the iPhone and Apple Watch applications.