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In this video tutorial, we cover how to integrate the Magician's Calculator (part of the Unifi App) with Notifier 2.

This features allows you to discreetly obtain a peek of the information being entered into the Calculator.

Features include:

  1. Peek information in real time, as the spectator is entering the information into the Calculator.
  2. Peek is available on the iPhone, Apple Watch at Notifier 2.
  3. INBUILT Database of Post Code and ZIP Codes for United States, Australia, Singapore and France! This means that when a spectator enters their Post Code, you instantly know their suburb, city and state.
  4. For our Singapore Customers, every Post Code represents an actual physical address, so you know their EXACT address!
  5. We have added support for different international formats for non-English numeric formats.
  6. You can set Notifier to either automatically (hands free) scroll through the entered information or manually read each piece of information by press a key on Notifier.
  7. You can obtain information such as day of the week the spectator was born, how many days until their birthday this year, which day of the week their birthday is on this year and even what Star Sign they are!

The original TOXIC method has its origins in mathematics. Essentially, the mathematical equation allowed any number to be “forced” onto a spectator when the equals (=) key was pressed. This was achieved by entering the force number and then by adding zero multiplied by another mathematical equation (the spectator entered the mathematical equation). As zero multiplied by anything, is always zero, then the result was the original forced number.

For example, if you entered 488862222 + (0 x (123 + 32 – 53) ), then the result is 488862222 as the equation 0 x (123 + 32 – 53) is still zero. This method worked exceptionally well and allowed the performer to utilize a borrowed cellphone to force a selected number.

The TOXIC Calculator is the most advanced magician's calculator available. In addition to being able to force a number, it also provides a method to obtain information for pre-show work discreetly and furthermore, have this information automatically sent to third-party revelation systems such as CUPP, UTP, and Prevision.

Over the passage of several decades, there has been numerous magician calculators developed and varying methods of TOXIC equations, a full list of credits is available here.

As a spectator enters numbers into the calculator, Unifi can obtain information about the spectator.

The TOXIC Calculator provides the following functions:

Allows a predefined result to be forced upon the spectator. For example, the force number could be your cellphone number, todays time and date, Lotto numbers or any result that you would like, regardless of the mathematical equation, the result will always be your forced result.

You can discreetly obtain information about the spectator such as their birthday, age, star sign, and the suburb/city that they reside.

Data entered into the TOXIC Calculator may be automatically sent to a myriad of third-party devices, such as thermal printers, wireless clocks, watches, and CGI video effects.

For example, if you asked for the spectator to create a random number by typing in their month of birth, multiplied by their day of birth, multiplied by the year, and, finally by their ZIP code, then most would agree that is would be a random number. As an example: November 26th ‘70 with a ZIP Code of 90210 (Beverly Hills) would yield 1,806,004,200 (representing the result of 11 x 26 x 70 x 90210). With the Unifi Calculator, the result could be forced to 1800 123 456 – you could then have the spectator call this “random” number and develop a presentation around this theme.

As we now have their date of birth as well as their ZIP code, we can determine their date of birth, age, zodiac sign, suburb, and state in which they live.

The Toxic Calculator feature is available within the Unifi Thumper App available on the Apple Store.

For In-depth instructions on this feature please read the Toxic Calculator section of the IOS app help guide.

The Illuminati TOXIC Calculator provides the following features:

Force any number.

1. Ten user configurable profiles.

2. Configurable fields for dates, PIN, ZIP/Post Codes, Time, Lotto Numbers, House Numbers, Serial Numbers et al.

3. iPhone Peek (Press and hold the equals key).

4. Apple Watch Support.

5. Text to Speech engine announces fields.

6. ZIP Code lookup to determine suburb and state.

7. Birthday look up for star sign and age.

8. Integration to time prediction devices, thermal printers and Prevision, with more integrations being added every month!

Toxic Calculator Overview

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