Electronic Domino (Set of Three)

The most innocent of gaming pieces conceals a devasting secret. Instantly know which domino, which hand and which orientation.

This innovative domino makes it possible to know in an instant which domino the spectator has selected – even which hand they are holding it in – all from over 20 feet away!

The Unifi Domino is a highly authentic domino measuring 1 7/8” x 15/16” x 1/4” Inches (48 x 24 x 6mm) – the size of the international domino standard and can be mixed with non-gaffed dominoes without detection. The Unifi Domino is always ready to go. You can flip this domino, shake it around in a cup, and even drop it in water – it is practically indestructible.

All the dominoes look and feel 100% authentic and are manufactured to the strictest of specifications.

The dominoes are wirelessly charged, allowing the units to be completely sealed and water proof, providing you decades of reliable performances.
Naturally, the Unifi Domino will notify you via a wireless thumper the orientation of the domino once moved, however, in addition the Unifi Domino provides an assortment of advanced features, including:

  • Plain English Voice Announcements (delivered via Bluetooth) ensures that you do not need to remember complex vibration sequences (although if you prefer, all information can be delivered via the Unifi Thumper or the Notifier Display Module).
  • Customizable voice messages may be downloaded directly to the Thumper such as “White Domino, 5/6 Combination” or “Wooden Domino, Double Blank”.
  • Apple iPhone and Apple Watch Integration, to provide visual identification of the results from allthe dominoes.
  • The Unifi Notifier Module displays the result which Domino has been selected and its orientation in addition to if the Domino has been moved.
  • Notification of simultaneous, multiple dominoes, identifying color and history of dice rolls.
  • An integrated magnetic field sensor allows a PK Ring to be used for the cleanest version of the “which hand” effect.
  • Movement detection, allowing the determination of which domino has been moved without any change in orientation.
  • Direct integration into Inject 2, Cesaral CUPP, Prevision and the integrated faux spectator search. The selected domino may be used to automatically generate lotto numbers, license plate numbers or even serial numbers with CUPP & Prevision.
  • Each domino is uniquely coded with an Electronic Serial Number (ESN), which ensures no false notifications from devices that you do not own.

Notification of events can be received by may different ways:

  • Vibrations felt by the wireless Unifi Thumper. In the FREE iOS App you have the ability to edit the thumpers number of repeats, length and strength.
  • Visually by the Unifi Notifier Module which can display the results from up to three dominos simultaneously in a full color, graphical interface, discreetly hidden within a card case. 
  • Visually on an Apple iPhone and Apple Watch with the FREE Unifi iOS App.
  • Verbally via text to speech audio announcements identifying the domino pip configuration and orientation of each domino using a bluetooth earpiece connected to your iOS device. The Apps Text to speech is available in a variety of languages with several customisable settings available.

    What's Included

    Illuminati Magic offer a 1-year parts and labor guarantee for all products.

    What's Included
    • 3 White Domino's each with a different pip amount.
    • Optional carrying enclosure, with magnetic on/off switch.

    *Please note a Unifi Wireless charger is required to charge this device. This product is sold separately as it can be used for Dice, Dominos and Poker Chips and you only need 1 for all your Unifi products.

    Be sure to view the Unifi Domino collection to see all the Illuminati Magic products that can be used with the Unifi Domino in a variety of ways.

    If you have any questions about this product, please send us a message in the web chat or contact us at sales@illuminati-magic.com 


    Unifi Domino - Product Video