Electronic Poker Chip (Single)

The Unifi Poker Chip completely redefines the “which hand” effect and takes it to an unprecedented climax. A spectator can take a handful of poker chips and the performer can determine the total value of all the poker chips in their hand as well as the color, denomination and even the name of the casino for each poker chip!

The poker chips are manufactured from high impact ABS plastic, just like real poker chips and appear 100% authentic. They are the exact same size as Las Vegas poker chips (40 x 3.40mm).  All the poker chips come with a circular recess enabling you to customize the chips to suit your clientele.

The poker chips are wirelessly charged, allowing the units to be completely sealed and water proof, providing you decades of reliable performances.

You do not even need to be close to the poker chips for this effect to function. The inbuilt motion sensor with its associated radio transmitter allows this information to be sent to you via either a Thumper, Bluetooth earpiece or displayed on your very own iPhone or Apple Watch.

The Unifi Poker Chips will notify you via a wireless thumper if the spectator has selected a particular poker chip, however the Unifi Poker Chips extend this functionality to provide an assortment of unique features, including:

  • Plain English voice announcements (delivered via Bluetooth) ensures that you do not need to remember complex vibration sequences (although if you prefer, all information can be delivered via the Unifi Thumper or Notifier Display Module).
  • Customizable voice messages may be downloaded directly to the Thumper such as “Blue, Bellagio $1 Poker Chip”. Alternatively, trade show magicians can record custom audio messages to prompt the performer to convey key product benefits for their customers.
  • Apple iPhone and Apple Watch Integration, to provide visual identification of the results from all the Unifi Poker Chips.
  • The Unifi Notifier Module displays the result which Poker Chip has been selected and its orientation in addition if the Poker Chip has been moved.
  • No palming of any devices – you are completely clean to present. The poker chips itself has been gaffed to incorporate high tech electronics to notify you of the status.
  • Incredibly authentic looking poker chips, available in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue.
  • Apple iPhone and Apple Watch Integration, to provide visual identification of the results from all the poker chips.
  • Notification of simultaneous, multiple poker chip flips, identifying color, denomination and which casino the poker chip is from in addition to the total value of the chips in hand.
  • An integrated magnetic field sensor allows a PK Ring to be used for the cleanest version of the “which hand” effect.
  • Movement detection, allowing the determination of which poker chip has been moved without any change in orientation.
  • Direct integration into Inject 2, Cesaral CUPP, Prevision and the integrated faux spectator search. The poker chip may be used to automatically generate lotto numbers, license plate numbers or even a Text Description to send to CUPP & Prevision.
  • Each poker chip is uniquely coded with an Electronic Serial Number (ESN), which ensures no false notifications from devices that you do not own.

What's Included

Illuminati Magic offer a 1-year parts and labor guarantee for all products.

What's Included
  • 1 Highly authentic poker chip in your selected Color (red, orange, yellow, green or blue)
  • Optional carrying enclosure, with built in magnet for sleep activation.

*Please note a Unifi Wireless charger is required to charge this device, this product is sold separately as it can be used for Dice, Dominos and Poker Chips and you only need 1 for all your devices.

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If you have any questions about this product, please send us a message in the web chat or contact us at sales@illuminati-magic.com