Second Sight RFID/NFC Reader

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The world’s most advanced RFID System for mentalists. Second Sight takes RFID to the next level, with programmable tags, allowing you to develop custom props with ease. 
Second Sight is the smallest, fastest, and most sensitive RFID reader available and can detect playing cards at up to 110mm (4½ inches). A simple vibration sequence tells you the suit and value of the card instantly.
Second Sight takes RFID Technology to the next level, with integrated Bluetooth to provide voice announcements and programmable tags, allowing you to assign custom messages and images. 
With custom audio messages, there is no need to remember complex vibration sequences – you get the information in plain English (or any selected language) via a discreetly hidden Bluetooth earpiece. 
The RFID tags may be hidden virtually anywhere; playing cards, boarding passes, drink cups, postcards, and even business cards.
Second Sight features both wireless transmission and onboard vibration queuing. At only 75 x 35mm, it’s incredibly small, with a range that allows you to detect the cards with a single gesture.
The Second Sight Deck is designed specifically for magicians. These cards are not made by hand – the chips and antenna are incorporated into the cards during the manufacturing process, ensuring that each card is perfectly thin and flat. The deck can be shuffled and handled in the same way as an ordinary deck and is designed to last a lifetime.

  • Second Sight includes an RFID reader/writer, 54 RFID Playing cards (purchased separately), and a USB Charging Cable.
  • The smallest and most sensitive RFID reader available, detecting playing cards at up to 110mm (4½ inches).
  • Integrated vibrate motor with built-in reminders.
  • Ultrafast RFID scanning times, less than 1/10th of a second, and the ability to read multiple playing cards simultaneously.
  • Bluetooth voice announcements and programmable tags, allowing you to create custom messages and images.
  • Notification via a wireless thumper, miniaturized color LCD or audio announcements using a hidden Bluetooth earpiece.
  • Apple iPhone™ and Apple Watch™ Support.

What's Included

Illuminati Magic offer a 1-year parts and labor guarantee for all products.

What's Included
  • Second Sight RFID reader/writer
  • USB Charging Cable
  • 10x Customizable RFID Circular Sticker Tags
  • Second sight wrist strap

    *RFID Playing cards, ESP Cards, Blank Cards and RFID Tags all available for seperate purchase. Check out the Second Sight product collection or accessories area.  


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