Thumper Lite

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The Thumper Lite is the central hub for all your Unifi devices and has been designed with the working professional in mind. Boasting a host of unique features to streamline your performance, it is the perfect choice for close up, parlor and stage performances.

Simply turn the Thumper Lite on at the beginning of your performance and all your Unifi devices automatically connect.  Once activated, you are alerted every time a Unifi device has an event to report, making it easier than ever to access the real time information that takes your show to the next level.

The Thumper Lite provides an exceptionally strong, but quiet vibrate motor – ensuring that you can “feel” the vibration sequence, without any concern that the audience will hear the vibrator in action.  If you miss a vibrate sequence, the Thumper may be programmed to repeat the vibrate signals at varying intervals, ensuring you always know what is going on throughout your performance.

Our modular technology allows you to purchase a single receiver to work with the entire Unifi range. This saves you money, pocket space and set up time when performing more than one Illuminati Magic product.

The Thumper Lite is compatible with all Illuminati Magic products and provides backwards compatibility with older, legacy systems.

One of the unique features of the Thumper is it only responds to Unifi Devices that are registered to it – this ensures that when performing in close proximity to other performers, you only receive notifications from your devices.  Naturally, if you prefer, you can disable this feature and receive notifications from any close by Unifi device.

The Thumper Lite is incredibly thin – a mere 6mm in height, which enables it to be discreetly concealed under clothing, but retain full access to the buttons.

The Thumper Lite is USB Chargeable and will last for up to 20 hours of performances from a single charge.