The Wireless Programmer enables you to program Dice, Dominoes and Poker Chips.

Customize Dice, Dominoes, and Poker Chips to create unique mentalism gaffs with the Unifi Wireless Programmer.

All Unifi Devices are programmable, this allows the user to alter the system settings on the devices, through a Windows programming software.

Due to the Dice, Domino and Poker Chips being sealed devices the wireless programer is needed to be able to connect them to the PC for programming.

Illuminati Magic programme all the devices prior to dispatch and you can specify if you want any special features enabled.

The programmable features are as follows:

1. Electronic Serial Number. Every Unifi Device has an Electronic Serial Number, so you can register it with your Thumper and iOS App.

2. The "Sleep Time" is a default of one hour, but this can be programmed to be up to 18 hours before the device enters "sleep mode" (or this can be disabled).

3. Magnetic Field Sensitivity. You can adjust the threshold of the magnetic field - generally we set this to around 4" detection range, but you can increase or decrease this. Note that if you make it super sensitive then the device may pick up magnetic fields from other devices.

4. Motion Sensor Sensitivity. By default a very slow motion will not trigger the motion sensor and requires a hand movement to trigger the motion sensor. This can be adjusted to be highly sensitive or very low sensitivity if required.

5. Stability Time. By default, The devices wait for 1/4 second of no change in orientation to send the orientation result. For example, if you roll the dice, you only want to report this once the dice has stopped rolling. This is the right level for 99% of case, but if say you wanted to hand the dice into the audience, you may want to wait for 5 seconds of stability before reporting the orientation (so you don't get notifications as the dice is being handed to different audience members).

6. The denomination of the Poker Chip can be changed.

7. The colour of the devices can be changed - useful if you are placing the devices into your gaff.

8. There are many pre-defined configurations (eg Emoji Dice, Color Cube, Rubik's Cube, Star Sign Cubes, etc that you can tell the Dice what it is, if it is in a non-standard enclosure).

9. You can upgrade the firmware of the device wireless.

10. You can turn the magnetic field detection, motion sensing on and off.

What's Included

Illuminati Magic offer a 1-year parts and labor guarantee for all products.

What's Included
  • Wireless Programmer
  • USB Cable
  • Video Instructions