Remote Viewing with a Deck of Cards!

Remote Viewing with a Deck of Cards!

Aside from the performance characteristics, this effect simply uses the “Read all cards” effect within Illumanti (pushing the results to a cloud server), it provides a very compelling performance, given it is performed over Skype at two remote locations, in this example Los Angeles and New York. This routine was developed for a specific performer and the performers and the celebrity’s name have been replaced by placeholders.

The effect commences with a set Illuminati playing cards being sent to a popular celebrity, with the instructions “Do Not Open until instructed to do so”. The deck is in new deck order and sealed.
A film crew arrive at celebrity’s house, including a magic consultant (and assistant to the performer). The magic consultant is fitted with a (hidden) Illuminati Camera in his sleeve, which in turn is connected wirelessly to his Smartphone. The consultant’s Smartphone is connected (via a cellular data connection) to the Illuminati Cloud Server.

The effect commences with Performer placing a Skype Video call to the celebrity (at her LA home), who answers the call. Celebrity “Hi , how are you, you son of a witch! I am still spun out from last time. How ? How???”.

Performer “(laughs) Hey – how are you? I have been experimenting with a new idea. I want to try something to allow for our minds to merge and operate in unison. It’s a little crazy, but would you like to give it a go?”.

The performer asks the celebrity to open the FedEx bag and remove the contents. The celebrity opens the FedEx bag and locates a sealed deck of playing cards.

Performer “, could you ensure that there is nothing else in the bag?”

The celebrity looks into the bag and states “Yup , the bag is completely empty, just a deck of playing cards.”

Performer “Great, could you go ahead and open the deck and check that it is a brand-new deck.”

The celebrity rips off the cellophane, peels the seal off the deck and then checks the cards and states “Looks like a normal deck to me, all the cards are in order, all looks normal.”.

Performer “Okay – Could you give the deck a shuffle. Any way you want, but just make sure that the cards are well and truly mixed up.”. The celebrity proceeds to shuffle the deck.

Performer “Okay , now I want you to think of any number, it could be your credit card number, a phone number of an ex-boyfriend, your PIN number, the last four digits of your Social Security any important date – just something you will recognise. Have you got a number in mind?”.

The celebrity has thought of the ex-boyfriend’s number of “904-704-2808”.
Celebrity “Okay – I have a number”

Performer “, is there any way that I could know what number you are thinking of?”

Celebrity “No way, <Performer’s name>”.

Performer “Okay, Now I want you to re-create this number by using playing cards. Ignore the suits and just use numbers – for example if you were thinking of say the 15 August 1990, deal yourself..” an Ace for the one, then a Five followed by an Eight for the month and then another Ace, two Nines and we will use a Ten to represent a Zero. Makes sense? Just make sure that no one else can see this– it’s really important that you hide these.”

The celebrity locates the cards in the deck and re-creates a hand to match the phone number that she is thinking of 9C, 10H, 4H, 7S, 10C, 4D, 2C, 8H, 10S, 8D (Representing the phone number 904-704-2808).

Celebrity “Okay, I have all the cards”.

Performer “Great. Could you insert all the cards that you took out upside down in the deck – but again make sure we can’t see what you are doing. Once you have finished, square up the deck and place the deck in front of you on the table.”

Once the celebrity, has completed the inserting the cards 9C, 10H, 4H, 7S, 10C, 4D, 2C, 8H, 10S, 8D into the shuffled deck, she places it on the table in front of her.

At this point, Illumanti scans the order of the deck and transmits the processed sequence to the Illumanti Cloud Servers. An assistant is off camera at performer’s home and is re-creating celebrity’s shuffled deck order, with the same cards upside down in the deck. Once the deck has been assembled, it is sealed and then snuck into performer’s inside jacket pocket.

Over this time, the performer maintains some banter with celebrity, to buy some time for the deck to be assembled. This banter concludes with “So – what sort of number were you thinking of? Was it a date, a phone number, your credit card number?”

Celebrity “I was thinking of a phone number <Performer’s name>. There is no way in the world you would know this number as it was from a childhood friend who I went to school with!”.

The performer reaches into his pocket to retrieve the deck and subsequently opens the deck and spreads the deck face up (so that ten cards are face down).
Performer pushes each of the ten cards forward.

Celebrity “No, No, No – this is not possible <Performer’s name>, this is not possible!!!”

Performer “, what was the first digit of the number you were thinking of ?”.

The celebrity responds with “A Nine <Performer’s name>”.

Performer turns over the first reversed card, that matches and then continues to turn over the rest of the cards to reveal “9 10 4 7 10 4 2 8 10 8”, representing the phone number of “904-704-2808.

Performer “, were you thinking of a phone number – 904 704 2808?”

Celebrity “No, No – How do you do this?????”.

Performer “When I started this effect , I said that I want to get our minds to operate as one – in unison “,. Could you get your deck out as well?”

Performer “Now spread the cards “.”

Performer then finishes the effect with a kicker, to demonstrate that EVERY SINGLE CARD in his sealed deck, matches the ORDER OF EVERY SINGLE CARD in Celebrity’s shuffled deck.”