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Notifier is a state-of-the-art notification system, designed to bring mentalism into the twenty-first century.

Notifier enables you to visually see the results from Dice, Dominos, Poker Chips, Color Sense, Pen Sense, RFID Playing Cards, and Magneto on a miniature retina display.

This miniaturized receiver collates information from all of your Unifi Devices and then displays the status of each device on a high resolution, full-color LCD.

The display features a breath-taking 160 x 80-pixel retina display, measuring a mere 21 x 11mm.

Simply turn Notifier on at the beginning of your performance and your Unifi devices automatically connect. Once activated, the performer is alerted every time an Unifi device changes state, making it easier than ever to access the real-time information that takes your show to the next level.

Notifier has been designed to fit within a standard deck of playing cards. However, its design enables you to incorporate into a myriad of discreet concealed locations.

The modular technology allows you to purchase a single receiver to work with the entire Unifi range. This saves you money, pocket space, and set up time when performing more than one Illuminati Magic product.

Notifier is compatible with all Illuminati Magic products and provides backward compatibility with older, legacy systems.

Notifier is a well proven, reliable choice for the professional performer.

Notifier allows you to adjust the brightness levels of the display, to suit your environment to ensure that there is no “flashing” of props when in use.

Fitting perfectly into a standard box, it is perfect for all types of performances, including close up, parlor, and stage.

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