Wireless Charger

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The Wireless Charger enables you to charge Dice, Dominoes and Poker Chips with a single charger.

The Wireless Charger connects to USB Power and provides an audible indication once your Unifi device is charging and ready for use.

Once charged, your Unifi Devices will remain charged for up to 12 months when idle on the shelf and typically will stay charged for three months between charges (depending upon utilization).

The Wireless Charger is developed using the industry standard Qi wireless charging technology, with a proprietary charging coil, designed specifically for the miniaturized Unifi Devices.

Qi is a wireless technology that uses inductive charging. The Speed Boost Wireless Charging Dock has been engineered to be Qi-compatible, allowing rapid charging of your Unifi devices.

The Unifi App has a “Device Status” mode that displays a list of all the connected devices, alongside with their battery level.

When the Unifi Devices are placed on the charger, they transmit their charging status to the Notifier module.

A LED shows when your Unifi devices are aligned and charging.

The Unifi Charger has been designed, to be portable, measuring only 4” x 2” inches (105mm x 52mm) and easily fits in your travel bag, should you require a quick charge when you are on the road.

What's Included

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What's Included
  • Wireless Charger
  • USB Cable