What do i need to get started?

To get started with the Illuminati range of products it all depends on what you are wishing to do, see, hear, customize or automate and which products you intend to use. Please give a read through the particular products that interest you, but if you have any questions prior to purchasing please send us a message and we will happily assist. sales@illuminati-magic.com


Do you offer a warranty?

Yes we offer a 1-year parts and labor guarantee for all of our products.


Do you have an instruction manual?

Yes some manuals are currently listed here on the website under Recourses then Product Manuals.

But another great place to read about all the products is the help section in the Free "Unifi Thumper" app. It is all linked and you can click on a topic from the contents page and be taken to the right spot.

If you are on a computer here is the link: www.illuminati-magic.com/unifi-online-help.html


What products require a Thumper to connect them to my iOS device?

The Dice, Domino, PokerChip, PenSense and ColorSense use a special frequency which can not link directly to an iOS device. You require the use of a thumper for them to connect to the iPhone. The thumper can also be used for vibration notification. Remember you only require 1 thumper to connect all your products so they are sold separately with 2 options available.

Second Sight can connect directly to your iOS device.


Can I use my regular wireless charger on the Dice, Domino & PokerChip?

Dice, Domino and PokerChip are a completely sealed device which therefore requires a Unifi Wireless Charger, this device has been specifically designed to align with the micro sized inductive coils in the products which are significantly smaller than say an iPhone so you are not able to properly charge the devices without risk of them becoming too hot and melting or doing damage to the electronics.


Can I just get some products and the Notifier only?

Yes you can. That will allow you to simply and visually see the results of your devices. You can see on the Notifier product page several images with examples of the screen and also a seperate video which shows a larger collection of the results. I often have the notifier in my top pock and can peak at results, Its great with Dice or Dominos when you can see up to 3 at once and with SecondSight you can see up to 6 cards at once. 

With just the notifier and products you will not be able to connect the Dice, Domino, PokerChip, ColorSense and PenSense to an iOS device without the use of a thumper.


How often do I need to charge my products?

The Unfi Dice, Dominoes, Poker Chips, Magneto, Color Sense, Pen Sense, and Thumper all utilize Lithium Polymer (LiPo) Batteries.
LiPo Batteries are the latest in battery technology, enabling much higher capacity in a significantly reduced footprint. LiPo technology is used extensively in cellphones, wearable devices, and smartwatches.
If LiPo batteries become fully discharged, then the battery becomes permanently damaged and will no longer charge.
As a precaution, once the battery level falls below 30% (the equivalent of six months battery life remaining), then the Unifi devices will turn off.
Therefore, it is essential that you fully charge your Unifi device at least once, every six months. If you leave your equipment on the shelf for greater than six months without charging your devices, you run the risk of the unit needing to be returned to Illuminati Magic for repair/replacement.
When fully charged, batteries will last up to 18 months before becoming discharged.