Illuminati Magic

Is dedicated to the innovation of world class magic illusions for the discerning performer. 

Founded in 2017, by technology entrepreneur Nathan Buzza, Illuminati Magic has developed a myriad of illusions, known only to a select few. Since its inception, Illuminati Magic has rapidly become part of the mentalism underground and has assisted some of the world’s leading illusionists with breath defying feats of magic and mentalism.

Nathan Buzza - Chief Executive Officer

Prior to Illuminati Magic, Nathan was the founder and Chief Executive of CommtechWireless, a global electronics business that designed mission critical electronics for hospitals, hotels, casinos and Homeland Security. Nathan grew this business into a successful multinational with offices throughout the United States, Australia, Europe and Asia, deploying the technology across 8,000 locations worldwide.

Over the course of Nathan’s career, his companies have been responsible for a host of innovations, including the design of the critically acclaimed laser tag game, “Q-Zar” (acquired by rock group “U2”), a wireless duress platform for the protection of the President of the United States as well as bespoke communication systems at Guantanamo Bay.

Combining Nathan’s love of magic with three decades of developing innovative technology solutions is the genesis behind Illuminati Magic.

Nathan is a member of the Academy of Magical Arts (AMA), the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM), the Society of American Magicians (SAM) and the Western Australian Society of Magicians (WASM).

Nathan’s accomplishments were recognized by Ernst & Young, where Nathan was awarded the “Entrepreneur of the Year” and by Business News as the “First Amongst Equals” as well as the WA IT & Telecommunications Life Time Achievement Award for his contributions to the IT community.

The team at Illuminati magic Are Dedicated To Provide:

-The world’s most advanced fully integrated suite of products.

- Rock solid reliability.

- Simplicity and speed of operation.

- “Plug & Play” Functionality.

- World class customer support and service.