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The Search feature enables a myriad of revelations to be performed using a spectator’s smartphone. This technique operates by mimicking the appearance of a popular web site (called the “landing page”) and then pushing a URL to this landing page.

Once the spectator's smartphone is on your landing page, it is a simple case of pushing URL’s to this landing page. Every outcome of every device may have a custom URL associated with it, which enables you to send this URL to a spectator’s phone when using the Search feature.

This may sound a little daunting, but it allows you to redirect the spectator's browser to any web site that you like, based upon the outcome of an RFID Scan from Second Sight, the roll of a Dice, the selection of a Poker Chip or in fact, any Unifi device.

For example, you could have a spectator select their favorite music and automatically redirect their selection through an RFID Scan – or it could be an Unifi Dice hidden inside a gaffed object for music selections.

Likewise, you may assign a URL to each RFID tag – this could be a movie trailer, a song, a purchasing link on Amazon, a holiday destination, images of famous people, landmarks – virtually anything that you care to predict.

These can also be direct links to images, videos, or music on your web site.

Please find following some ideas of URL’s that could be used for the revelation.

  • A song revelation, with the RFID tag embedded into the CD Cover.
  • A movie revelation, with the RFID tag embedded into movie posters or inside movie tickets.
  • li>A product overview video at a tradeshow based upon the spectator rolling the Dice.

If you borrow a spectators phone and go to www.googł (with xxxx representing your unique, four-digit Unifi ID), then the URL can be pushed to this device automatically or when you press the “Send to Search” button on the Thumper.

To comply with copyright regulations, Unifi has default graphics for the Search, that can be replaced with your preferred graphics.

The Search feature is available within the Unifi Thumper App available on the Apple Store.

For In-depth instructions on this feature please read the Search feature section of the IOS app help guide.