iPhone & Apple Watch Integration

At the heart of the Unifi product suite, is the Unifi App.  The Unifi App brings together all your devices into a single platform and enables you to perform miracles at the touch of a button. The Unifi App was designed from the ground up with one mission – to streamline the set up and performance of your gig.

The Unifi App is compatible with the Apple Watch, which provides a clear and concise update on the activities from all your Unifi devices.

The Apple Watch also operates as a discreet Thumper and Remote Control, vibrating to provide updates on the spectator’s selections in real time.

For a full list of all the amazing features of the Unifi App please click find out more or select the Unifi App menu above.

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Second Sight

The world’s most advanced RFID System for mentalists. Second Sight takes RFID to the next level, with programmable tags, allowing you to develop custom props with ease.

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