Notifier 2 Training


The President of Illuminati Magic, Mr Nathan Buzza provides an overview of the Notifier 2

User Preferences

Notifier 2 has a long list of features and user options. In this video tutorial, we cover the on board options, that you can adjust directly from the Notifier itself (there are additional options you can adjust from the App itself).This tutorial covers the following topics:

1. Enabling Registered Mode (so that Notifier will only respond to your devices and not all devices).

2. Enabling ProMystic Reception.

3. Adjusting the Screen Brightness.

4. Adjusting the number of events to display on the screen at the same time.

5. Adjusting the order of events to display on the screen (for example, Display events oldest to newest, newest to oldest, fixed order).

6. Adjusting the Screen Save Timer.

7. Adjusting the Sleep Timer.

8. Accessing the status of connected devices.

9. Enabling the on board vibrate motor.

10. Adjusting the vibrate strength of the on board vibrator motor.

11. Adjusting the number of repeat vibrates and repeat interval.

12. Enabling the option to vibrate the dice color.

13. Enabling the option to vibrate the domino pip configuration.

14. Enabling the option to vibrate the Poker Chip Color color.


This video tutorial covers the following topics:1. Changing the name of Notifier2. Adjusting the stability timer.3. Registered Mode / Unregistered Mode4. Adjusting the Sleep Timer5. Changing the brightness levels of your Notifier Display6. Changing the Screen Saver rimes.7. Changing the Text Color and Background Color Default.8. Setting the message lifetime.

Inject Integration

Video Tutorial on integrating Inject 2.0 with the Notifier 2.

With the Notifier 2 and Inject, whenever a spectator enters into a search terms into Inject, then this search term instantly appears on the Notifier 2 display.

Magicians Calculator

In this video tutorial, we cover how to integrate the Magician's Calculator (part of the Unifi App) with Notifier 2. This features allows you to discreetly obtain a peek of the information being entered into the Calculator.

Features include:

1. Peek information in real time, as the spectator is entering the information into the Calculator.

2. Peek is available on the iPhone, Apple Watch at Notifier 2.

3. INBUILT Database of Post Code and ZIP Codes for United States, Australia, Singapore and France! This means that when a spectator enters their Post Code, you instantly know their suburb, city and state.

4. For our Singapore Customers, every Post Code represents an actual physical address, so you know their EXACT address!

5. We have added support for different international formats for non-English numeric formats.

6. You can set Notifier to either automatically (hands free) scroll through the entered information or manually read each piece of information by press a key on Notifier.

7. You can obtain information such as day of the week the spectator was born, how many days until their birthday this year, which day of the week their birthday is on this year and even what Star Sign they are!

Web Messaging

In the video tutorial, we will cover using the Web Interface to enable backstage assistants to send secret messages to the Notifier.

The web site allows an assistant to send a text message over the internet to your Notifier 2.

This tutorial covers:

1. Using the Web Thumper to send text messages to the Notifier.

2. Using the Web Thumper to send free form messages to the fake search (this can be a keyword OR a URL!)

3. Using the Web Thumper to send free form messages to Inject.

4. Using the Web Thumper to send messages to Prevision, so the assistant can enter in the reveals to appear on Prevision.


One of the great features of the Unifi App is the ability to turn your iPhone into a RFID/NFC Reader and send the NFC Tag information to Notifier 2!

This video tutorial covers the following topics:

1. Reading NFC Tags on your iPhone.

2. Programming NFC Tags to send messages to Notifier.

3. Insert custom images on to NFC Tags.

4. Adjusting the Text to Speech notifications on NFC Tags.

5. Sending NFC Tag information to Notifier.


The Web Polling Feature enables the Unifi App to poll a website developed by a third-party and use that information within the Unifi platform!

This function works with a myriad of Magic Apps, such as WikiTest, I Unlock Your Mind, Inject, and a whole host of applications, including our own Web Messaging Portal!Once enabled, events from third parties appear on the status screen, come through as text to speech notifications, and appear on your Apple watch! The events may also be integrated into third-party revelation systems such as Prevision, or pushing the result to a fake search!

For example, a spectator could use Wiki-test to search for London Bridge, and then the term London Bridge is sent to Prevision to be rendered in a video!

In another example, a spectator could use Wiki-test to search for Wall Street. This result is then pushed to a second spectator's phone using the fake search, so it appears that the performer knew what the spectator was thinking of, before they searched for it!

This integration also works with Notifier 2, a miniature retina display that will display the Web Polling results!

Pi Revelation

1. The entire “Pi Revelations” database is incorporated into the Unifi App, so no internet connection is required, and it is lightning fast.

2. Notifier 2 now supports Pi Revelations, so you can quickly peek the PIN Number, followed by the Page, Line and Index of the PIN Number in the physical book.

3. There are multiple options to OBTAIN the PIN Number from the Spectator; through the Magician’s Calculator, via Inject, via Fake Search, via an assistant with a Web Browser and via iUnlockYourMind.

4. There are multiple options to PEEK the Pi Revelation; On the iPhone Status Screen, on the Apple Watch, on Notifier, and via a miniature earpiece using Bluetooth.

5. There are multiple options to REVEAL the Pi Revelation; Thermal Printers, Prevision Video Rendering, and the Fake Search.

App Developer Overview

If you would like to integrate into Notifer 2, then we would love to hear from you! If you have a Magic App that requires a Peek System, then Notifier 2 is the perfect solution.I have included a couple of examples in the video below, to demonstrate some integrations that we have already developed within our own to stimulate a few ideas.We are promoting an Open API, so even if you compete against some of products, we would still love to work with you.Already a dozen Magic App developers are working on integrations with Notifier 2 and it would be great to provide the magic community with a solution that works with all Apps and Mentalism Products.Plus a sneak peak of the Fake Calculator and NFC Tags working with Notifier 2 (for those people interested!).