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Color Sense is a marvelously interactive yet deceptively simple close-up effect every performer should have in their repertoire.  It can be pulled out of your shirt pocket and put to work immediately!

  • Highly authentic Crayon Box, with embedded electronics to detect which Crayon has been removed.
  • Notification via a wireless thumper (Unifi Thumper), miniaturized color LCD (Unifi Notifier) or audio announcements (Free Unifi iOS App) using a hidden Bluetooth earpiece.
  • Sensor instantly notifies the performer of the selected Crayon.
  • USB chargeable, with months of performance time between charges.
  • Easy fold case, to ensure spectator selects a single crayon.
  • Apple iPhone™ and Apple Watch™ Support.

Notification of which crayon has been selected can be received by may different ways:

  • Vibrations felt by the wireless Unifi Thumper. In the FREE iOS App you have the ability to edit the thumpers number of repeats, length and strength.
  • Visually by the Unifi Notifier Module which can display the result in a full color, graphical interface, discreetly hidden within a card case.
  • Visually on an Apple iPhone and Apple Watch with the FREE Unifi iOS App.
  • Verbally via text to speech audio announcements identifying the color  using a bluetooth earpiece connected to your iOS device. The Apps Text to speech is available in a variety of languages with several customizable settings available. 

What’s Included

Illuminati Magic offer a 1-year parts and labor guarantee for all products.

What's Included
  • Crayon Box, with Micro USB Charger.
  • USB Charging Cable.
  • 6 Crayons.
  • Instructional video link


Color Sense - Product Video

Color Sense - Training Video