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The Unifi Dice are sophisticated electronic devices that transmit their orientation every time they are moved or detect the presence of a magnetic field.

These highly authentic Dice are manufactured in black, white and red in either 16mm or 19mm size. Available for purchase in either a set of three or individually.

The Dice are completely sealed and wirelessly charged by the Unifi Wireless Charger which can also charge Dominos and Poker Chips. As you only require 1 charger for all your wireless devices in your set these are sold separately.

Notification of rolled events can be received by may different ways:

  • Vibrations felt by the wireless Unifi Thumper. In the FREE iOS App you have the ability to edit the thumpers number of repeats, length and strength.
  • Visually by the Unifi Notifier Module which can display the results from up to three dice simultaneously in a full color, graphical interface, discreetly hidden within a card case.
  • Visually on an Apple iPhone and Apple Watch with the FREE Unifi iOS App.
  • Verbally via text to speech audio announcements identifying the color and orientation of each dice using a bluetooth earpiece connected to your iOS device. The Apps Text to speech is available in a variety of languages with several customisable settings available.

Not only can you know which number has been rolled but an an integrated magnetic field sensor allows a PK Ring to be used for the cleanest version of the “which hand” effect.

Motion sensors also allow for the determination of which dice has been moved without any change in orientation of the devices.

Direct integration to third party systems. The roll of the Dice may be used to automatically generate lotto numbers, license plate numbers or even serial numbers with thermal printers & Prevision.

Each Dice is uniquely coded with an Electronic Serial Number (ESN), what this means is you can perform in "registered only mode" using your Unifi Thumper and the iOS App which ensures notifications received in the app are only of your registered devices and no false notifications will be seen from devices that you do not own.


What’s Included

Illuminati Magic offer a 1-year parts and labor guarantee for all products.

What's Included
  • Unifi Dice in your selected size and color.
  • A carrying enclosure is included, with inbuilt magnetic sleep function.
  • Optional single dice carry case.

*Please note a Unifi Wireless charger is required to charge this device, this product is sold separately as it can be used for Dice, Dominos and Poker Chips and you only need 1 for all your devices.

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If you have any questions about this product, please send us a message in the web chat or contact us at sales@illuminati-magic.com 


Unifi Dice - Product Video

Unifi Dice - Training Video