Multisense are individual electronic sensors that transmit every time they are moved, turned or detect the presence of a magnetic field.

Multisense is designed for the performer to gaff in everyday objects and edit what sensors or multitude of sensors are required for the performance.

Multisense is fully user configurable with the ability to format:

  • Up to six sides with different user configurable sides.
  • Motion Detection (adjustable for the amount of motion to trigger the notification)
  • Magnetic field detection

With all of these different programmable events which can all be on at once or just one form may only be required depending on the custom use.

The performer can specify the front and background colors of the events to be displayed on the Notifier v2 device.

On the IOS device all sides can have custom images and text to speech messages to assist the performer.

  • Plain English voice announcements (delivered via Bluetooth) ensures that you do not need to remember complex vibration sequences (although if you prefer, all information can be delivered via the Thumper or the Notifier.
  • Easy Customization in the Unifi App for audio announcements  eg: “green, color in the t shirt”.
  • Apple iPhone, Apple Watch and the Notifier Module provide visual identification of which crayon has been selected and can show which section of the drawing to color in.
  • Movement sensor instantly notifies the performer of the selected device (in a presentation where the markers are handed out to the audience).
  • A magnetic field sensor instantly notifies the performer when the marker is removed from a magnetic field.
  • Can fit inside standard Sharpie “Chisel” Pens.
  • In built motion sensor.
  • In built magnetic field sensor.
  • Plain English Descriptions of the color and the area to color in by the spectator, delivered via a Bluetooth earpiece.
  • Fits in your pocket and ready to go at a moment’s notice.
  • No assistants.
  • Apple iPhone / Apple Watch support.
  • Bluetooth audio announcements.
  • Customizable audio announcements.
  • Multilingual Support.
  • Low battery notification.

What's Included

Illuminati Magic offer a 1-year parts and labor guarantee for all products.

What's Included
  • MutliSense Circuit Board
  • Enclosure to house MultiSense (can be remvoed if required).
  • USB Charging Cable


MultiSense being used inside Sharpie Chisel Pens.