Tossed Out Deck on Steroids

Tossed Out Deck on Steroids

The Tossed-Out Deck is a classic piece of mentalism and can be found in the repertoire of countless working professionals. While many versions of the “Tossed Out Deck” have been released over the years, most use the same method David Hoy created over 50 years ago.

In the original “Tossed Out Deck”, a deck of cards is wrapped in a rubber band is tossed to an audience member, who peeks at a card, then tosses it to another spectator who does the same. This process is repeated with several people, then the deck is tossed back to the magician, who proceeds to reveal the audience member’s selections.

Often this is performed by having the spectator stand and then remain standing until after the performer has verbally called each of the potential cards that have been removed from the deck.
Each of the many versions of the Tossed Deck, require some form of compromise to achieve the result – a highly gaffed deck, repeated card sequences or a memorized stack.

Illuminati provides the cleanest version of “Tossed Out Deck” ever devised, which a kicker ending.
The deck itself is fully examinable. The deck is not visibly gaffed in any way and is a complete deck, with no repeating cards. Furthermore, the deck may be shuffled by the audience.

Not only is the deck shuffled by the audience, but at the end of the “Tossed Out Deck” effect, the magician not only knows which cards have been removed.