Unifi iPhone App

Unifi iPhone App

Perform Miracles. An App designed from the ground up for the working mentalist.

At the heart of the Unifi product suite, is the Unifi App.  The Unifi App brings together all your devices into a single platform and enables you to perform miracles at the touch of a button. The Unifi App was designed from the ground up with one mission – to streamline the set up and performance of your gig.

Although not required to operate the Unifi Product Suite, it is recommended to take advantage of the advanced features being provided within the Unifi suite.

The Unifi iOS App provides you with a single, consolidated view, so that you can see the results from all your devices at a glance. The Status screen displays a list of events in reverse chronological order – so you see the most recent event first.

Events from Dice, Dominoes, Poker Chips, Color Sense, Pen Sense, Magneto and even Second Sight scanning RFID Tags are all displayed in this single view.

The status is also communicated to the companion app on the Apple Watch in real time.

Text to Speech

The Unifi iOS App incorporates a leading edge “Text to Speech” engine (supporting American, British and Australian Accents).  All events that occur within the Unifi Range may optionally be send to a Bluetooth earpiece.

For example, If a RFID Card is programmed with “Tom Cruise, Mission Impossible”, then this is converted to audio and played via the Bluetooth earpiece.

All devices (Dice, Dominoes, Poker Chips, Second Sight, Magneto, Color Sense and PenSense) are supported with the text to speech platform, in addition to system events.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

The Unifi iOS App incorporates Optical Character Recognition, that enables the iPhone Camera to recognise text and automatically send the recognised text to third party platforms.  Imagine asking a spectator to write down their favourite lotto numbers and you instantly pull out a lotto ticket with the matching numbers!

Coupled with the Text to Speech functionality of Unifi a myriad of revelations are possible!

Stealth Notifications

The Unifi iOS App also incorporates a “Stealth View”, that emulates the lock screen of your iPhone and pops up with faux notifications that incorporate detailed information about your Unifi Devices.

For example, the stealth mode can display a notification such as “CNN.  Trump rolls the Dice in North Korea with six percent chance of …”.  This cleverly disguised faux notification hides the color of the Dice in the CNN logo (which is red), indicates the Unifi Device type (Dice) and includes the result “six” within the notification.

Custom notifications have been created in a similar format for all devices, to discreetly communicate the result to street performer in plain sight of the audience.

Instantly get ready for your gig

You are just about to prepare for you gig – typically this means plugging and charging in all your electronic devices the evening before in preparation for the big gig.

Once you get to the venue, you then repeat this process, just prior to commencing as one final check before your performance.

We have all been there – it is a time-consuming necessity.

With the Unifi App, you can see at a glance what devices are connected, the battery level for each device and the signal strength – all of which are designed to ensure that you are ready to perform and not waste any time preparing.

The third-party integration functionality of Unifi is just like having a backstage assistant – except you are in full control of what is happening.  A spectator selects a RFID Playing Card and once you press a button on the Unifi Thumper, the chosen card is instantly sent to any number of reveals; from Greg Rostami’s Inject 2 App to Prevision and CUPP.

Unifi is compatible has been tested with leading brands of magic suppliers – enabling a level of automation never seen before in the industry.

At the touch of single button, you can instantly see the battery level of all your Unifi Devices and double check that every device is working and within range.

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  • The Unifi iOS App provides you with a single, consolidated view, so that you can see the results from all your devices at a glance.
  • Text to Speech Engine.
  • Ability to configure all your Unifi Devices, from their default settings (customize vibration patterns, assign text descriptions, custom images).
  • Assign specific functions to the Unifi Thumper buttons, to action events such as sending results to third party magic products, control the Bluetooth audio and more.
  • Configure RFID Tags and assign your own custom messages.
  • Send results directly to third party systems such as Inject, CUPP, UTP and Prevision, enabling you to perform complex illusions without the need for a backstage assistant.
  • Multi-lingual support for English (US), English (UK), French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian.

The Unifi App also enables the Thumper Pro firmware to be upgraded via an internet connection, so as new features are released they become instantly available!

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